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Let’s look at a short example of a speech on child labor.

Greetings everyone!

Today, I am going to talk about child labor that every country wants to get rid of. It refers to any kind of employment or work that involves children. It deprives them of their childhood dignity and potential and it is harmful to their social, physical, and mental development and can get an essay writing service

It is a menace that is rooted so deep in society that it manages to retain whatever one attempts to get rid of it. It is a major problem in most of the developing countries like Nepal, Pakistan, India, Algeria, etc. It spoils the future of children and damages their abilities to become worthy. International Labor organization suggests that poverty is the main reason for child labor. Other reasons that led children towards harmful labor are lack of a purposeful life and quality education.

It is a bitter truth that the extreme poverty in the developing world forces parents to put their children in cheap labor. In fact, small-scale industries and other places find children as potential and cheap workers. Many international organizations like the United Nations Children Education Fund have been serving across the world to help children in getting their basic human rights but every time they fail. It is believed that in India alone there are 33 million children who are involved in child labor.

In many cultures children follow in their parent’s footsteps. For instance, in many rural areas of the developing world girls are prohibited from pursuing formal schooling and are forced into child labor. She is best regarded as a good human resource for providing domestic services that end up more fatal and immortal accidents like trauma, violence, and physical disabilities.

The innocence that comes with childhood is used by many to make profits and is encouraged as their family needs are to be met. Many children are illegally employed and authorities could not regulate it at all. This might also affect the children engaged in labor in their interaction with the outer world and social relations making them not belonging to normal society.

Child labor should be prevented by incorporating strict and accurate policies laid by the governing bodies. They include legislating at the national level, removing children from hazardous labor, applying a safety and health management system and can also have the best essay writing services

You never know what a child was capable of doing if they were given a proper education. There was a saying that you do not know if the person who can develop medicine years ago was a child among many who are unable to study and live a purposeless and poor life.

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